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Today's Builder TV Show Partners with Milestone Contracting

August 23, 2022

Today's Builder TV Show has partnered with Milestone Contracting, an award-winning luxury home builder in Asheville, NC. The husband and wife team of Dustin & Shawna Penland are known for building quality luxury homes that far exceed their clients' expectations.

Milestone Contracting builds energy efficient homes that are built with sustainability in mind. Building Green will reduce operational costs up to 50% and improves indoor air quality, all the while preserving the environment.

Dustin & Shawna encourage each client to build an "Energy Star" home. Milestone Contracting is founded on the 3 Q's principles: the most Qualified, the best Quality and Quantitative pricing.

To learn more about Milestone Contracting and to view some of their incredible work, visit their website at

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